Love Ahimsa

'Inspiring and lifting each other up'

Love Ahimsa is a collaborative working with charities, and individuals under the framework of ‘ahimsa’, ‘to do no harm’. We support charities and indivudals who are most in need of support, nurturing and inspiration. We connect these charities and individuals to our inspiring partners to collaborate with Love Ahimsa and deliver unique in person and remote events, as well as providing ongoing support. We collaborate with each individual or charity to look at their needs and how our partners can best support them.

Our Story

About Us

Our Story

Having worked within the Violence Against Women and Girls Sector for over 15 years, I have needed support to manage stress within both my personal and work life. I been fortunate to access a range of beautiful services from inspiring women. All of which have supported me on my journey to live more in tune with my true self, so through yoga, life coaching, nutritional support, dancing, meditation, and roller skating etc. As I have experienced each different element I have slowly brought the principle of ‘ahimsa’ into my daily life, and realised that I have been on this journey since a child when I decided much to my parents horror to become a vegetarian at age 10 years old.

Our Mission

To bring the skill, knowledge and passion of our partners who all work under 4 themes: Nature; Nutrition; Movement and Meditation; and those who ‘Inspire’, to charities and individuals who are in need of support, nurturing and inspiration. It is our hope that we can inspire one another, bring joy into one another’s lives, raise each other up. To bring together collaborations to support individuals most in need of nurturing and support on their personal journey. To do no harm, to bring the ethos of ahimsa into individual’s daily lives and create a compassionate and supportive environment whether that is within the work place or finding ways to look after yourself and bring joy back into your life.

Our Services

Supporting Charities

Love Ahimsa supports charities to promote the wellbeing of their employees, to prevent burn out or vicarious trauma, and support them to manage and protect themselves from stress. Love ahimsa also support the charities service users/ customers to promote access for the most vulnerable when they need it the most.


Love Ahimsa Events

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Our Partners

Our partners have a variety of beautiful offerings to support, nurture and challenge you. Please do take a look and reach out to them via the link on their page, or get in touch with us directly if you need some guidance on what you are looking for.

Movement and Meditation

Our partners provide a range of services enhancing physical and mental wellbeing through a diverse offer of yoga, dance, meditation, retreats, alchemy and life coaching.


Our partners provide a range of nutritional support promoting health and wellbeing through personalised support.


Through creating connections with one another we can inspire each other and bring joy into our lives. Our partners provide inspiring events and trips which will engage you, push you and re-connect you with your inner, free, fun loving spirit.


Our partners provide a range of unique services which will enhance your connection with nature, providing guided nature walks, foraging tours, support to re-wild your garden and planting edible plants.


We give 30% of all profits to charity

We pledge to donate 30% of all profits to charity. We are giving 15% of all profits to Choose Love and 15% will be donated to Care4Calais. Both charities provide incredible and vital support to vulnerable individuals and families where no one else does. 
Please see the following link to learn more about these inspiring charities and how you can help.